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Have you ever heard your close ones, maybe a good friend, or relative, telling you that they and their spouse are world apart, and most probably the best way to end this pain is to be separated and sadly, to end with a divorce. However, hardly they realise that the reasons they cited to justify their separation, are exactly the reasons that they were together right from the beginning.

Yes, it is not about money, it is not about parent-in-law, and definitely it is not due to the children they have. And yes, it is about their personalities.

At MarriageCounsellingSingapore.com, we focus on helping couples who wish to build strong relationships right from the beginning of the marriage, not afraid to face the other side of each other’s personalities and learn how best to embrace their differences and weaknesses, and at the same time learn how to leverage on each other’s strengths and work together towards their life goals and grow the happiness through the understanding of each other’s needs and wants and able to provide without having themselves to be deprived, but instead able to strive together even under stress and tension.

We pride ourselves in using personality based counselling approach, using biometric personality profiling system to help couples to understand each other’s traits, potential and brain functions simply through taking their finger prints and biodata. No questionnaire is required to achieve an accurate profiling report.

Through a thorough personality analysis and comparison,  the counsellor would then able to help couples to be prepared for any potential issues, or even existing problems, to resolve issues, setting realistic expectations with the right context, and finally building an achievable life goals that both can work towards to.


Through your fingerprints and their biodata, an accurate personality profiling report will be generated for analysis. Counsellor with certification in human behaviour analysis will process the reports individually and then together as a couple.


Couple to share their concerns, issues, or potential problems that they might face. Counsellor will facilitate this process to address any issues thoroughly through our proprietary marriage counselling questioning process.


Counsellor to facilitate and enable couples to set goals in terms of emotional, spiritually, physical and financial needs to achieve worklife balance while leading a fulfilling life together by leveraging on each other’s strengths and continuing to learn and enjoy activities together.

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